Digital fingerprinting is a fast, efficient way to get criminal record results directly from the RCMP. Snappy Prints fingerprint transmissions go through the certified and secure server, directly to the RCMP. The process is easy and there are no ink stains to worry about. If there are no convictions found on your record, the results are processed in 72 hours and then sent by mail to you or an identified third party. If there are convictions, the results can take up to 120 days.


Some reasons that fingerprints may be required are:

  • Citizenship
  • Immigration
  • Employment
  • Legal Name Changes (different from changing your name for marriage)
  • Security Clearances
  • United States Entry Waivers or Travel Waivers
  • Volunteer Work
  • Travel Documents
  • And more…

We cannot provide Police Checks or Vulnerable Sector Searches. Please attend at your local police station for one of these documents.

Passport Photos

  • Money back guarantee
  • No Appointment Necessary
  • Private area for photo
  • Baby and Toddler Passport Photos
  • Biometric Technology
  • Conveniently located close to downtown Calgary with free customer parkin
  • Able to provide digital or physical photo
  • Passport application forms available on hand

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Which countries do you provide
passport or visa application photos for?


  • Albania
  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Canada Citizenship
  • Canada Passport
  • Canada PR
  • Chile Passport
  • China
  • Colombia Passport
  • Dominican Republic Passport
  • Ecuador
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece Passport
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Italy
  • Japan Passport
  • Mexico
  • Pakistan
  • Peru
  • Russia
  • Spain
  • UAE
  • United Kingdom
  • Uruguay
  • USA


  • Canada
  • Colombia
  • Chile
  • Japan
  • Dominican Republic
  • Greece

Citizenship/Residence/ PR

  • Canada Citizenship
  • Canada PR
  • Japan Residence

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